Photoshoot for next painting projects !

I love taking my own clichés to work from them thereafter. We had a Perfect day for that on the beach, a cheerful sun, with my models Lavender May and Wild Ivory!

I know it looks like i don't produce a lot as i don't post my latest creations...That's because i keep some exclusivity for later, be patient, an artbook is coming! ;)

Happy summer darlings!!

My piece "Signed your Biggest Fan" sold at Christie's !!!

The auction took place on april 5th 2014, at Christie's, Paris. 

Thanks to the Daniel Maghen Gallery who took me in, next to the most venerable illustrators and comic designers Hergé, Franquin, Gotlib, Uderzo, Moebius/Giraud, Tardi, Frazetta, Bilal, Loisel, Berthet,Manara, Edgar P.Jacobs, Hugo Pratt, Carlos Nine, Boucq, Sempé, Mattotti, Tibet, Reiser, Lax, Gimenez, Lepage, Druillet, Juillard, Brizzi, Serpieri, Prado, Roca, Rosinski, Wendling, Yeagle, Yslaire, CrisseLacombeRossbachGuarnido and many others.... I'm more, more, more than TOTALLY honored and excited !!!!!! I still can't believe it. 

If you'd like to bid on D-DAY, follow this link and register:
Here is the link to see the catalog, which is pretty impressive!


"Hedy study" 26x25cm, pencil and ink on sennelier paper.

"Lila, curvy paradise" 35x26cm, color pencil and watercolor on paper. 

"Marina", 20x25cm. Black Pencil and gouache on vintage paper

"Leora" pencil and watercolor on canson illustration paper

"Juliette" 21,5x29cm. Pencil and watercolor on canson illustration paper

"Peonia", 25,5 x 21cm. Pencil and watercolor on Canson illustration paper

"Ruby's Feather Routine" 28x23cm. Pencils and watercolor on Canson illustration paper.

"Sous la Voilette", 27 x23,5cm. Pencil on Vintage Paper.  

"Greta Garbo" 27x21,5cm. Pencil and ink lavis on Sennelier paper. 

"Smokin' Kills", pencils on paper. 26x21,5cm  

"Violet" Pencil and watercolor on canson paper. 27x23cm.  


"I love my new bikini !"


"Daisy's Little Dove Hat"

 "Watch Out Bettie"

My Bettie Page Queen of Pin-Ups SPECIAL WEEK on Facebook !!

**SEMAINE SPECIALE "BETTIE PAGE QUEEN OF PIN-UPS" par Maly Siri !** ..... J-3 !!!!

À l'occasion de l'anniversaire de Bettie Page, mon inspiration depuis mes tout débuts -le 22 avril prochain- j'ai pensé faire quelque chose d'un peu spécial:
je ferai UN DESSIN DE PIN-UP PAR JOUR jusqu'au dimanche, et ils seront en vente au moment même où ils seront postés sur cette page....Et qui dit semaine spéciale...dit prix intéressants ! Ce sera premier arrivé, premier servi !

Gardez l'oeil ouvert sur facebook dès lundi ! ;)


On the occasion of Bettie Page's birthday-April 22- i'm launching this special event on my page as Bettie Page has been my inspiration for drawing pin-ups for years now.

So next week i'll draw ONE (or more!!) PIN-UP A DAY, and as soon as i post it on this page, it will be FOR SALE at interesting prices. First arrived, first served !